Work in progress

Bollywood Shimmer

 24" x 24" x approximately 6" depth woven wall assemblage with recycled and new fabric, cardboard, PVC, yarn, embroidery thread, necklaces, paint, recycled painting stretcher.



All Media 2019 

September 7 - October 26, 2019

City of Irvine Fine Arts Center

Irvine, California

Susan Hazard


Welcome to Susan Hazard woven wall assemblages.

These wall pieces are an exploration into the possibilities of juxtaposing weaving with assemblage techniques using found, recycled and re-purposed materials. My impetus is my life long interest in making art from items that tickle my imagination, spark my interest and fire my passion. One of my favorite artists is Ed Kienholz, followed closely by Louise Nevelson. I admire their compositions and use of recycled materials to create art. I have continued my journey from my three-dimensional free-standing assemblages to a new direction: woven wall assemblages. The wall pieces combine my interest in assemblage and fabric into a new journey of expression into color, texture and form. Along with my paintings, this three-dimensional assemblage constructions combined with weaving techniques fascinates me. The possibilities seem boundless.

My initial inspiration or "aha" moment was from my collection and utilization of vintage wedding dresses. I have been using the evocative, wonderful fabric dresses for three-dimensional installations for some time. The possibilities of various fabrics, usually embellished with decorative details, intrigues me. My imagination has embraced the possibilities of combining and contrasting diverse materials in a construction. 

I source material from thrift stores and last-chance warehouses, from interesting clothing items gifted to me, even from my own closet. Composing and building a wall installation using diverse elements of fabric, cloth, metal, cord, rope, paint and glue is an exciting new avenue. The discarded objects, including wedding and party dresses, gain a new life. Sweater arms, pins, electrical wire, painting stretchers minus or with the canvas intact, rope, string, foam rubber balls, paint, and cardboard tubes are my materials. What they become is more than their disparate parts. The first series are the appendages, including sea creature inspired pieces. The current series are icons, almost totem pole in spirit. The recycled material, clothing and unfinished hand work projects, once discarded items, find a new creative life in my recycled fabric wall assemblages. 

 It's all about color and texture.